Holly and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet point why Holly and I should be together and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I am going to tell her. Number 1: Holly, you and I are soup snakes. And the reason is because in terms of the soup we like to ea- no that doesn’t make any sense. We’re soulmates. Holly and I are soulmates.

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(siento un vacío en mi interior que me hace mirar al futuro y no ver nada, así que no sé si me muevo hacia el nada o si no me muevo a ningún lugar)

Anónimo ha dicho: six million died in the holocaust... palestine has no right to complain!


that makes no sense. that would be like if i were to point out that approximately 10 million Africans died as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade — or that tens of millions of Native Americans were killed by European colonialism — so therefore Jews have no right to complain …

this isn’t a contest, it’s a protest against the mass slaughter of human beings!

also, palestine had nothing to do with the holocaust. that was the product of European fascism. trying to connect the two issues only serves as an empty justification for Israel’s CURRENT genocide against the palestinians.

and most jewish ancestors of holocaust victims today actually don’t live in israel, but are rather quite assimilated into europe, the united states, and elsewhere around the globe. but you don’t see those jews using the holocaust as justification to carry out mass genocide within their new homelands.

in actual fact, israel’s genocide against the palestinians has absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust, but rather everything to do with Western colonialism and imperialism.

in any event, people have a “right” to “complain” about any and all genocides that take place, regardless of who is the perpetrator and who the victim.

the real question is — what kind of sick barbaric fuck are you that only cares about the genocide carried out against some people, but not others?

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Sobre apoiar a Argentina na final

1. Não me fizeram lavagem cerebral quando criança para que eu odiasse esse país.
2. Não me sinto intimidada por quem diga que “ganhamos no seu próprio país”.
3. Me sinto muito confortável e mais representada apoiando a seleção argentina na final…
4. … assim como me sinto orgulhosa de dizer que sou latinoamericana e prefiro ver um campeão da minha região.
5. Com dizer minha região, fica claro que eu tenho aos demais como hermanos.


Una historia posible /  Texto: María Baranda. / Anaya 2010 / Madrid, España.
Una corona de madera húmeda,
(donde vive un pez)
se ha clavado en tu pecho,
se te ha hecho un árbol negro.
Como los ríos en la noche.

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Me cago en los europeos.

Donde está el aweonao que me dijo que el mundial estaba arreglado?????


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Anónimo ha dicho: Muy malo tu Brasil como para tanto orgullo. Antes daba gusto ver jugar a Brasil. Si no fuese su mundial, Brasil no hubiese avanzado tanto y todos los sabemos. Espero que no compren la final :)

Me imagino que si estuviera tu país en las semifinales no me estarías hablando eso. Y claro! Lo compramos todo, incluso la lesión de Neymar.

Mientras me escribes mi equipo sigue avanzando, muac. :*

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